Woofwalks is awesome!   Brandy sits
by the window and watches each
morning - she is so excited to go.   
Even our toddler gets excited that
Brandy is "going to play with her
friends".  Not only has this been a
lifesaver for us in terms of getting our
big dog some much needed
exercise and attention, but Stacey
and Shasta were very helpful in
getting some behavior problems
under control (due to the new babies)
and working with us on a training
plan for Brandy. She has been
able to adjust well to our growing
family and is patient and gentle
with our toddler and new baby.   We
know that the outings and all the
extra love from her pals at Woofwalks
have been really important in
that transition. Thank you Woofwalks,
 we couldn't have made it
through without you!!

The Palamar Family & Brandy
There is no one in the dog care
business with bigger hearts for dogs
than owners Stacey Wiley and
Shasta Marlowe.  They treated my
dog Maggie as a member of their
family.  I heartily recommend their
services to pet owners who must be
absent from their animals during the
day.  Stacey and Shasta are
passionate about their four-legged

Sharon and Maggie
Needless to say I love my dog
tremendously.  I can't tell you the
comfort it gives me to know that he is
well taken care of when with you.  Your
level of commitment to training,
oversight, and well being of the dogs in
your care is clear, and I am thrilled to
have my puppy in your hands.  I can't
say enough, thanks for all you do.

Karen, Steve, & Barney
I have been a customer of Woofwalks for
several years.  Originally Stacey and
Shasta boarded our pet Hershey and over
time they began to take him out on walks
with the other dogs.  Since meeting them,
we have been able to observe behaviors in
our dog that he hadn't had previous.  
Hershey has become more social, playful
and obedient and he certainly looks
forward to his walk with them each day.  

I am constantly amazed at how they handle
so many dogs at one time and would
recommend them to anyone who is looking
for such an invaluable service.


Gwen, Mark & Hershey
Stacey and Shasta are literally life
savers for me!  My dog (a corgi) is
a working dog by nature who must
have a "job" to do each day or she
can become quite irritating.  
Hannah's job is to go to Woofwalks
everyday.  As I live in an apartment,
I do not have a yard which is
another great reason for using
Woofwalks.  Finally, I find the daily
report cards really handy for
keeping track of my dog's health
and behavior.

Louis & Hannah
I can't tell you enough how happy I am that
you are taking such good care of Herbie.
Knowing he is out with you, I have peace of
mind, because I know he has fun, gets
exercise and training, too. I also really
appreciate that you offer in home boarding.
When I have to go away, I know he is with
people and doggies he loves and that love
him back, and he couldn't be in better
hands!  Thank you so much!

Angela & Herbie
Dear Stacey and Shasta:

My wife Michele and I couldn’t be
more pleased that Delilah is a part
of the Woofwalks team.  She has so
much fun on her walks and outings
and we cant help but notice that
she sleeps much sounder on her
Woofwalks days, a bonus for us
hard-working parents.  For the
amount of time Delilah gets to
spend with the pack, the cost
couldn’t be more worth it!
Woofwalks, thanks for letting us
work longer hours guilt-free!!

Joel, Michele and Delilah
Boo has been with Woofwalks for 5
years and the week isn't complete
without them! The exercise and
socializing with the other dogs has
made Boo one happy guy! Stacey
and Shasta have taught Boo
manners on the trails that have
been valuable throughout the rest
of the week.

Gail & Boo
Dear Stacey,
Nandi dog has asked me to speak for
him because i am the better
typist.  We both love Woof Walks.  
Nandi  can run off leash and socialize
with other dogs.  I am pleased to know
his training will be reinforced
and the other dogs are friendly and
under your supervision.  With Woof
Walks I always know  Nandi  is well
cared for and well loved.

Louise Russell
kiss your
all the time
happy clients...